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Monday, February 06, 2006

bring back the disney boycott

I heard not long ago that the SBC’s boycott of the Walt Disney Corporation was over. I was greatly saddened that this mega corporation caved into their demands. Actually, they didn't. The culture just plumeted into the gutter around disney. I remember hearing that they spun off their subsidiary Miramax (film co.), which was part of the problem. The SBC’s boycott of Disney allowed me to avoid Disney movies like nothing else could have. I got to feel self righteous for abstaining from something I hated anyway. I got to guilt others into watching the movie I wanted to watch instead of the cartoon. It kept Disney out of the church which (seriously) is a great thing. To have a kid at church instead of him in front of the TV learning about sin is pretty rare. I just have this feeling that we should be teaching them about God or something rather than wasting that golden opportunity and having them watch “Shrek 12” for the 57th time in the church’s Sunday school classroom.

(See! Boys can wear fanny packs.)

If you didn’t like the boycott and wasted your parents’ hard earned money for ugly clothes with cartoon animals probably produced by children in foreign sweatshops and allowed young children to view hours of films promoting all manner of hippy ideas you should go to Snellville. A pastor from there was the only one at the convention to speak against it. Or maybe you should live in Disneyland.

I enjoyed the countless hours of exciting quality children’s programming that the Disney afternoon show provided me as a kid. As I grew older, there were a couple good films but most of the recent stuff has sucked.

I really hate those big-girl sweaters with Winnie the Pooh on them. If you are obese you should not have a picture of a big fat bear with honey all over his body and his face in a honey pot resting on your gut and chest.

Kids should be watching Superbook or something instead. What ever happened to the fundamentalist upbringing? We had action figures of David and Goliath. Remember the full armor of God? You don't see anyone selling that anymore but that might actually be a good thing because of the sword of the Spirit. We had alternative Nintendo games where you were Noah and you had to round up the animals and food. I got a sling which was actually much more deadly than any toy with dubious links to witchcraft but it was biblical, so I got it. I didn’t end up hurting anyone except for a few slight bruises of my own. Thank you, fundamentalism, for one of the coolest things a kid could get.

Your family will be exposed to more lawlessness, sin, and especially sexual material on your TV than through any Disney products. Be a real parent and protect your kid from the practical reality and quit playing around.

Sledge your TV and let your kid have a friggin Mickey Mouse doll.

I hope Disney does something immoral again soon so we can bring back the ban and I can be free of Disney for a couple more years.


Blogger iconoclasm said...

I'm not into anime but I just found out this interesting bit of Superbook trivia:
In Japan Superbook was called, "Anime Oyako Gekijo" which means "Animated Parent and Child Theater"

Superbook II was called, "Pasocon Travel Tanteidan" or "Personal Computer Travel Detectives"

I guess the ran out of money for things like translators.

Tue Feb 07, 04:42:00 PM PST  

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