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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

fox news uncovers new smuggling route

We interrupt our regularly scheduled stupid japanese inventions for this newsflash.

Watch this video and find out about the new route illegal alien smugglers are using.

Did you catch that? "Colorado is a major thoroughfare for smugggling undocumented workers because of its central location between New Mexico and Arizona."

I like the way the trooper talks too. He sounds like a Canadian Mountie.

Also note that "Polly" thinks the problem here is the congressmen and especially the coyotes who are charging Mexicans too much to be smuggled in. Sigh. If only we could get them to lower their prices. Maybe Polly can get the congressmen to pass a law making the coyotes charge less.

Somewhere out there, Carol McKinley's geography teacher is hanging his head in shame and asking himself why he wasted his life. On Monday, the kids in his class will probably watch a movie unrelated to geography as he sobs into his hands silently at his desk.


Blogger William Laing said...

yea got the picture, but we got a lot, still deciding on the one that makes for the best story.

Wed Mar 29, 10:52:00 PM PST  

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