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Thursday, April 27, 2006

t4gcon booby prizes

If you're reading this, you are either truly dedicated reading in your spare time after the conference, didn't make it to the Together for the Gospel conference, you're feeling the sting of T4GCON's gender exclusion and lapsing back into your feminist days, or you're in the last category of don't really care. Let me tell you, Louisville is an exciting place to be right now, but I'll quit rubbing it in.

The purpose of this post is to tip you off that some of what's going on is already available on the internet and you can have it right now for free.

R. C. Sproul's message at Southern Seminary Wednesday, Holiness and Justice is now up. Maybe you have been wondering, "Why isn't R. C. Sproul's sermon up on the chapel sermons page yet?" It's not on the chapel sermons page. It's at the gheens lectures page. I don't know if this is on it but he started out saying, "Open your New Genieva Study Bibles to page xxx." That was hilarious. I didn't bring mine that day but after that, I wished I would have.

The chapel was packed out. I was hoping that the lack of space would force me to sit uncomfortably close to what would turn out to be my future wife but apparently this was not part of God's sovereign plan. My mind usually wanders a bit during sermons but today I was especially focused. You could have heard a pin drop in there. I really like his annecdotes because I can't see from a mile away what's going to happen. Rather than just being a weak metaphor, his allegory greatly contributed to overall understanding of the theme. He used several difficult passages in which God strikes people down,including Aaron's son's strange fires.

People are always saying, "That's not fair," and asking questions, especially of the Reformed, about how God can be just and merciful. I got that strange feeling I get when I hear something that resolves a tension, makes total sense, and seems a bit obvious but was hidden from me before by my own foolish notions or a swarming cloud of Arminian confusion that follows me. I'll try to find a picture of it.

President Mohler said that he had heard this sermon years ago and that it was very meaningful too him. I'm glad he asked R. C. to do this one. This sermon is well worth your time.

I expect some of Dever's lectures to sound similar to this one that he gave at Southern in 2002 called, "The Evangelical Church, Richard Sibbes[,] and the sufficiency of the Gospel." It's from back in the RealAudio days so you'll need some type of Real player or an mp3 player that does .rm's. If you have to get one find an old version and not one of the newer ones because they don't work as well, are only for XP, and have too much extra junk you don't want.

You probably already know this but Tim Challies is live blogging the conference. I expect things like this to be a few posts of incomplete notes after the fact but that is not the case at all. He is taking excellent notes and they are posted immediately.

Session Three - Al Mohler: Preaching with the Culture in View
Sessiont Two - Ligon Duncan: Preaching from the Old Testament
Session One - Mark Dever: The Pastor's Understanding of His Own Roll

Timmy at Provocations and "Panties" has a couple pics up and has set up a flickr group which already has some 30 photos.

They said that all of this will be available on DVD and .mp3 at some point so you'll have access to it you will just miss out on not having a place to sit, seeing the charismatics get clappy happy, herding like cattle for 20 minutes trying to get out of the building. Seriously, it is very encourageing to see that we're not alone and that there are other reformed pastors there. I would guess that a lot of them are far away from eachother and can feel pretty alone sometimes. There are pastors here from all over the world.

I was thinking about putting a C. J. Mahaney Cry Counter up on my blog but I haven't been keeping track well enough and I decided it was too mean and after hearing him I really like this guy.


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