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Monday, May 22, 2006

3 new classes for fall semester

There are three new courses just now being added to the Fall 2006 schedule.
The courses are being taught by the new faculty that are coming on board in
August: two in “theology and the arts/culture” by Steve Halla, Ph.D. and one
in “theology and the law” by Peter J. Richards, JD, PhD. Here are the
course titles and descriptions of the newly added courses:

28021 Christianity and the Visual Arts: A study of the relationship
between Christianity and the visual arts. The course includes a biblical
perspective of the visual arts, the use of the visual arts in the history of the
church, important artists in the Christian tradition, issues and concerns in
contemporary art, and visual art in the life and ministry of the local church.
Taught by Dr. Steve Halla.

28022 Jesus and Modern Culture: A study and critique of modern
portrayals of Jesus in popular culture. The course includes Jesus and world
religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism), Jesus and modern
theology, Jesus and Friedrich Nietzsche, Jesus and modern art, Jesus and
film, and Jesus and popular music. Taught by Dr. Steve Halla.

28030 History of Christian Political and Legal Thought: An historical
survey of two millennia of Christian thought on the rule of law, the political
order, church and state, rights and duties of individuals and institutions.
Taught by Dr. Peter J. Richards.


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