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Monday, June 19, 2006

fide-o bites back

check out this post about the SBC at fide-o.
(emphasis added)

We took our Bibles as literal, accurate, and inerrant, just as we were told to do, and began to read them. That is when we discovered a lot of our inherited theology verbally passed down to us is extra-biblical if not unbiblical.

The problem is while we give to the cooperative program, which is what all the SBC should be about, guys like me have been placed on the other side of a new battle against reformed doctrine. The SBC will accept any theological drivel that comes down the pipe from the “Seeker” guys as long as it keeps the numbers up. They will tout the emergent crowd as ground breaking evangelists no matter how much they assault the truth of scripture. Yet we aspire to an extremely high view of scripture and read church history, including Southern Baptist, follow our SBC fore-fathers in reformed theology and it is called a virus, dangerous, and anti-evangelistic. Then to top it off we get to sit in Greensboro as nearly every speaker there took unnecessary shots at one of our great loves, the Doctrine/truth of the Word of God.


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