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Thursday, March 09, 2006

the video everyone's talking about

I’ve been delaying posting this for a couple days to try to find some reliable sources but that hasn’t happened.

This video mysteriously appeared a few days ago and has been burning up the fibres ever since. Over 17 seasons, conjecture has run rampant among fans about a Simpsons film.

The video sent fans into an orgy of speculation. It hasn’t been broadcast on television yet but the word on the street is that this is merely a promo for season 17 on Sky One which was the station that brought The Simpsons as well as many other American mainstays to the Brits, Limeys, Pommys, Tommys, Kakis, Redcoats, Rosbifs, Rooineks, Paddys, Bog trotters, Leprechauns, Harps, Mics, Shants, Potato heads, Shilaeli Huggers, Woolybacks, Taffys, and Jocks in the Islands of the North Atlantic.

Notice the distinctly British feel. The flagstone driveway. The man in uniform on the street corner. The license plates. The cars operate on the left side of the road. The driver’s seats are on the right side of the cars. However, Homer’s vehicle is the opposite. The people are pasty white with large noses and British features. Also, note the crack in the garage. I noticed some idiot forgot to leave the rabbit ears on the TV but that’s probably just an Easter egg for nerds like me to gossip about. Also note how Maggie appears out of thin air on the couch.

Sky One is also interesting because they heavily censored everything in The Simpsons until a few years ago. They did the same with Family Guy which made the show nearly unwatchable. (Family Guy is quite a bit edgier)

Sky One built a huge business out of re-runs. They were able to do this because British television sucks. Imagine every channel as a stodgier PBS but with full coverage of Parliament and newsflashes every five seconds from the Ministry of (insert industry that is needlessly regulated by hordes of protocol lovers named Nigel Buckminster Willoughby or Alistair Eustace Buckinghamshireton III).

You actually have to have a license to have a television in England. Do they have like driver's ed. or Television operator safety classes? For color, it’s about $200 a year. Black and white is a little cheaper. That’s why you still see people with black and white TV’s on British shows. Blind people get theirs half off. They even have TV police that go to your house and make sure you pay. I'm not even joking! You think I’m making this up but I’m not. If you don’t believe me, look into it yourself. They used to have a window tax and they also make renters pay property taxes. I found one place that said that not paying the fine for getting busted without a license is the largest cause of the imprisonment of single mothers but that seems hard to believe.

Can you imagine if we shut down every TV station and gave NPR and PBS their own police force and IRS to make people pay instead of whine about freeloaders round the clock and run “underwriting” which is really just commercials? You don’t have to. Move to England. Those commies at PBS would do that in a heartbeat if you let them.

Another bit of trivia: In the 1995 episode with the school budget cuts, Groundskeeper Willie is shown teaching French and says, “Bonjour you cheese-eating surrender monkeys!”. It appears that the show actually originated this phrase. In the French version this was translated to “singes mangeurs de fromage” which means “cheese-eating monkeys”.

Yet another bit of trivia: The Simpsons was ported to Arab speaking markets a couple months ago as "Al-Shamshoon". Everything that has to do with pork or beer was changed to beef and soda or cut out. Crusty (he’s Jewish), Reverend Lovejoy, and Abu have been entirely removed.


Blogger sajini said...

do you do anything else other than watching silly videos? :)

Sat Mar 11, 01:13:00 PM PST  
Blogger iconoclasm said...

This from the person that never comments when I write something of substance! Who else would you trust to keep you abreast of the latest in funny videos?

I don't think anyone actually reads my serious stuff.

Sat Mar 11, 02:17:00 PM PST  
Blogger sajini said...

See, I just like to read and make silly comments. I read grants and help with publishing research articles most days. So when I come into the blog world, I dont want to get sucked in and give my 2 cents in all these theological posts. I still remember my headaches from my college days debating theology. That's what y'all are here for. Good ol southern baptist seminary students..
Give me culture, art, travels and music and I'll comment. :) OH and foooooddddd
I do read your serious posts.

The end of the creation is that the creation might glorify God. Now what is glorifying God, but a rejoicing at that glory He has displayed?
- Jonathan Edwards

Sat Mar 11, 06:37:00 PM PST  

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